Animals saving people: Cat saves boy from dog attack, dog saves kids from snake & more – compilation


Man’s best friend. You’ve heard the phrase; now here’s the proof. And it’s not just dogs who risk themselves to help humans or their loved ones. TomoNews present to you some of the most heroic animal acts in internet history. Enjoy!

1. A family cat from Bakersfield, California, is a hero and a viral video sensation after saving the family’s four-year old boy from a vicious dog attack.

2. An Atlanta family is mourning the loss of their pet German Shepherd after it was killed protecting the family from gunfire in Atlanta.

3. Justin Ireland was working with his 3-year-old boxer pitbull mix Thor by his side, when a man pretending to need a phone pulled a gun. Thor attacked the suspect who quickly fled in a light blue Chevy Silverado.

4. A 37-year-old man was arrested for stealing several items including toilet paper from an office in Milwaukie, Oregon after a sheriff’s K9 subdued him.

5. The Traverse family has a new hero after their dog Sid woke them up Sunday night after a grizzly bear broke into their house. Mark Traverse then shot the grizzly bear dead before it was able to make a meal out of them.

6. A tragedy happened a week ago when Blackie fought off a cobra at the National Tsaotun Commercial & Industrial Vocational Senior High School only to die from a snakebite.

7. A babysitter in South Carolina is behind bars after a loyal dog alerted the parents of a little boy she was physically abusing.

8. A prematurely born baby was rescued by a dog in Thailand after the canine found her inside a plastic bag at a dump site in Thailand. The dog, named Pui, brought the bag back to his owner’s house where the child was rushed to hospital and treated.

9. A Mississippi cop was ambushed in a rest stop in Pearlington by three men, his trusty dog pal, Lucas, jumped in and rescued him.

10. The pair of pooches have been nicknamed Romeo and Juliet by their rescuers and Romeo is recovering well.

11. Rocky and his handler, Specialist Andrew Brown, survived an IED blast in Afghanistan earlier this month. Both are now recovering in hospital.

12. A blind man who miraculously survived after tumbling onto New York City subway tracks has credited his guide dog with saving his life.

13. Rimma Bulatova taught her family’s dog to understand commands in Russian—a skill that ended up saving her life when she found herself lost in the woods.

14. A Corgi is being hailed as a hero after the dog saved its owner’s life by waking him during a house fire in Hong Kong.

15. Tillie, a 11-year-old Setter mix endured a week in the outdoors to stay with her friend, a 4-year-old Basset Hound, named Phoebe who had become trapped inside a cistern in a ravine in Vashon, Washington.

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