Apple could buy HBO in the near future

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Cupertino-based company Apple has some amazingly big plans, looking forward to expand into the TV market as much as possible. No, they won’t be creating their own television, leaving it to more experienced manufacturers, but, according to MacWorld, they are reported to be working at a new streaming service that could make everybody forget about cable.

The interesting part is that they don’t want to develop everything, but buy something that has proven to be successful over the years: Time Warner’s assets. Yes, not partnering with them, but buying things.

Time Warner is not for sale, but the pressure is big

Apple‘s senior VP of Software and Services is rumored to be keeping an eye on Time Warner, currently under big pressure from shareholders and investors to sell everything or a part of itself. Apple would be interested to buy assets like HBO, CNN and Turner Sports, alongside some movies and TV shows from Warner Bros, instead of actually running a media company.

If the two parts will reach an agreement, this could become a vital part of the Cupertino manufacturer’s streaming service. Besides this, it could have huge ramifications for the technology market.

Acquiring such a big company doesn’t appeal Apple

Apple is well known for acquiring startups which are developing new technologies, in order to use them in their own products, or companies which are successful on their own, like it was the case with Beats. But when it comes to buying huge media giants, like Time Warner, they don’t have any history.

The main reason behind their desire to acquire all these assets is the idea to make Apple TV buyers to opt for a cheaper streaming package, which includes the best networks, but without ads and the other bloatware that comes along with a regular cable subscription.

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