Are Credit Cards Good for Teens and College Students?


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Credit Cards Provide Advantages for the Young

(Credit Cards Provide Advantages for the Young) Secrets

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Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, AMEX, with some many options, it is easy to see why young college students are confused when it comes to starting their credit lives. Eric Taylor is officially pissed off at the terrible advice so-called experts give people to avoid getting in debt. Of course he agrees, if you don’t have a good handle your finances, don’t get a credit card or get a low limit. It is vital that young people get a credit ASAP (as in on their 18th birthday), to begin creating a superb credit history. There are many things students should know before swiping their card, like how credit works before getting a card. Teens are duped into believing the only way to prevent going into debt is avoiding it at all costs.

18-year old Eric got a credit card and soon had it maxed out. At first, he was happy because his payment was only $30 a month. He didn’t realize how frustrating it would be to make the payment month after month for years to come. However, his girlfriend took an entirely different approach. Each month, she made small purchases (never going above 50% of her max and never out of her budget), and paid it completely off or almost all the way off. This created a situation where to this day, her credit and limits are much higher even though they both follow the rules of credit cards now.

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(Credit Cards Provide Advantages for the Young) Secrets


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