Best Long-Term Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2016


Interested in learning about the Best Long-Term Balance Transfer Credit Cards for 2016? You have come to the right place.

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Best Long-Term Balance Transfer Credit Cards of 2016

– Shane Tripcony, of BestPrepaidDebitCards.com, prepaid debit, debt and credit card experts, offers an overview of the best Long-Term Balance Transfer credit cards for 2016.

This is a summary of our take on the top long-term balance transfer credit cards for 2016. In this video we showcase the top cards with introductory low rate balance transfer offers of 15 months or longer.

Shane highlights the features and benefits of the top cards, including one with a 0 percent balance transfer offer for two years.

Not all cards are created alike, so even though they may offer a 0% offer for a period of time, most of those cards come with a balance transfer fee of 3% or higher, so you definitely want to know what kind of fee you may expect up front to get that low, low rate.

Be sure to check out our article for more information on top tips you need to know before and after your balance transfer as well as catch a few more cards reviewed in our full article in the link above or below.

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