Early Retirement – How to Retire by 40


This is the story of Rachel who dreams of turning her passion for cooking into an online business. She has two children, James 8 and Millie 5 and likes to cook healthy snacks for them. She has a knack of making it taste good too.
Since Millie started school, Rachel knew she would have to get a job, just to make ends meet, but working full time and raising a family takes it’s toll on Rachel and her family and she feels she just can’t cope. Her Doctor advises her take some time off work, which she does.

While Rachel is on leave she starts thinking again about her passion for cooking and again wonders if she could turn it into a business. She goes online and looks for ways to make it happen. She is lucky enough to come across Wealthy Affiliate and quickly realizes that this is the help she was looking for.
She follows the step by step lessons, and takes action on the things she has learned. Before long Rachel has created a website about cooking healthy snacks for children. She learns how to get traffic to her website and she learns how to make money from that traffic.
Rachel did have to return to work, but only part time as she wanted to maintain her website and keep the traffic coming. When I saw Rachel for her 40th birthday, she told me it was a double celebration, as her website was doing very well and she was finally able to quit her job for good.
Rachel’s family loves having her home to look after them and they love the healthy food she cooks for them. Rachel is much happier too and is a perfect example of how to retire by 40. She told me it was only possible because she found Wealthy Affiliate.


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