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Sixty, just a number for common people but very significant is case of working people as they get retirement at this age after serving a long time. But exceptions are always there and it has been seen that people work even after retirement. A total of 26.2% of the population works even after retirement. Over here we are going to discuss about places where people are employed at the age of 60 and more.

Washington D.C.

This is a very famous place where people work at the age of 60 years and more. The total number is 36.8%. Among this 36.8%, the maximum people are from metro city. These working facilities are produced and offered by the Federal Government, the Contractors and the business.

Salt Lake City

A very retirement job oriented place where you can enjoy a job with government even after the retirement. It has been seen that 33.8%, more than one third of the senior civilians, are employed and get jobs not only in Govenmenr sector, but also in places like University of Utah, public school and other officer graded jobs.

Bridgeport, Conn

Bridgeport metropolitan includes two renowned places like Stamford and Norwalk where one third of the total working people work at the age of 60 and more. These people get jobs at the health care industry which includes names like St, Vincent Medical Center, Bridgeport Hospital and more.

Omaha, Neb

This a great place for those 32.7% of senior people who works at the age of 60 and more as they can serve the Government institutions like Omaha Publics School, Offutt Air Base and more. Not only the Government sector but also biggest recruiters like Methodist Health System, Nebaraska Medical Center and Algent Health recruit them.

Austin, Texas

A large area of working for the senior citizen at the age of 60 and more as this area encompasses a varity of jobs which includes Technological organizations jobs, Government jobs and Public school jobs. This has given a strong economical support to this place. People who work at the age of 60 and more are 32.4% of total population.


Boston is a place which gives opportunity to 32.8% people who work even at the age of 60 and more. The opportunity is provided by the industries like financial institutions, Hospitals and colleges.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is not an exception in case of Health Industry, as it offers a good opportunity to the people who seek jobs at the age of 60 and more. 32.1%, almost one third of total senior population, falls in this category. Not only the health sector, these people also serve other sectors like Insurance Company and State and Local Government jobs.


A total of 32% of senior people get job at the age of 60 and more. Houston area encompasses Sugar land and Baytown. Industries like Hospital, oil companies are found in this area.


A place where people can get jobs at the age of 60 and more as many institutions offers jobs to them. These institutions include several hospitals, Colorado University and Denver Schools. The number of these kinds of people is just 31.9% of total senior civilians.

Madison, Wisc.

Another place with the same number of senior citizen, 31.9%, who are looking for jobs at the age of 60 and more, gets jobs in sectors like health care, Government and education.

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