Swatch Bellamy or how to make payments with your wrist

swatch bellamy

Smartwatches are not something spectacular anymore, since they’re on the market for a while now, but a specific manufacturer thought about those who can’t afford one but still want to take advantage of some of their benefits. Thus, the Swatch Bellamy was born. A traditional wrist watch, but with an extra feature that differentiates it from other models within its price range.

To be more specific, the Swatch Bellamy comes with an integrated NFC chip, allowing the user to make payments directly with his or her wrist, according to CNET.

Wait, how does it work without an Internet connection?

Still, there are a few interesting aspects about this watch: it doesn’t connect to the Internet or to a smartphones, so how does it actually work?

It’s pretty easy, actually. The Swatch Bellamy can be linked to a Visa card and it works as a prepaid credit or a debit card. Therefore, you can use it to pay through contactless POS terminals.

Unlike other smartwatches, which have various features, like showing notifications or fitness tracking capabilities, this one focuses on one thing and it does it very good: making payments. Yes, it might not work with all credit cards, but it still does the job very good, which is a big plus.

Forget about your wallet, use your watch!

As for the whole purpose behind this, Swatch claims that they wanted to make users to leave their wallet behind when going shopping and relying just on their watch to make payments.

If they will succeed in this is too early to tell, since the Swatch Bellamy is expected to make its debut somewhere in early 2016. The pricing wasn’t announced yet, but we don know that it will be available in China, U.S., Switzerland and Brazil. Of course, other markets will follow soon.

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